Monday, July 14, 2008

Islamic wear modern version

This picture taken by me last week during photoshoot for Nona mag. Your guys imagine how if muslim ladies wear like this in the office? in new world is not possible dowh...but this photo just half shot because they just wanna show the 'tudung' and model is Mat Salleh..

Biasa2 sajor ari neh...

Today, nuthing office then out for do the shooting at Mutiara Damansara. After that when to The Curve collect skin care products...after that rushing to Mid Valley, collect merchandise at Tangoo boutique. Huh! so tired and today hot. Didt take lunch i'm rushing to the office. owh..tired-tired-tired. rest for a while and continue do my work. Ermmm...i feel sumthing missing...owh...why my bby just keep quite? hey baby, miss u lah...why didt sms me? u bz hah? anyway hope you fine and dun be you.