Thursday, August 14, 2008

How i feel?

to my,cyg,my luv,my ANGEL=Miji.this specially dedicated to u to say dat im sorry for everything i've done..didn't mean to hurt your feeling.. all i want is to see u happy, u such an ANGEL for me..U light my life. n i wanna loose u. my luv for u is eternity, no matter wat people said.. but nothing cant compare that, i was born to make u hepi. n i want u to know how much that i care about u.. sorry if i turned ur life upside down.. im sorry cyg..i want u to be happy. in other words i want us to be happy..i believe in u i wanna loose u..u r mine..and i beloong to are the one and the last..i'll be ur side whenever u need me.=)