Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Limited Edition! Terminator Salvation top up card

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DKNY Be Delicious Limited Edition Fragrance

DKNY Be Delicious’ New Colorful Comic Twist
An Exclusive, Limited Edition Fragrance

If art reflects reality, then DKNY Be Delicious scent should be packaged in something fresh, bold and brimming with life. For a limited time, starting end July, DKNY’s iconic, apple-inspired original fragrance will be presented in the most energetic of art genres of all: Pop Art.

Inspired by the pop art movement, the limited edition Delicious Art program features a lively, comic transformation of the DKNY Be Delicious apple and model. And similar to pop art style and design, the Be Delicious packaging includes ben-day dots, lettering and speech balloons, as well as the depiction of a just-bitten apple. The result: a new, fun, spirited look at the best-selling original DKNY Be Delicious.

The Delicious Art ad and comic strip have been created by New York comic art genius and award winning illustrator, Brad Hamann. The comic strip depicts the Be Delicious girl living life in New York City and exploring all it has to offer. The story shows that this is a city is full of endless possibilities and that anything can happen here. Do check out this comic strip at www.dknyfragrance.com.

A reusable tote featuring the comic-ized Be Delicious model which will be offered as a gift with purchase in selected stores.

This is the second installment of the DKNY Be Delicious Art Series. In 2008, DKNY collaborated with artist Yoon Lee, whose city street depictions well captured the energy and motion of the urban streets that inspire the DKNY brand.
A rebellion against accepted art styles, the Pop Art Era is said to have begun in 1950s in England and then brought to its fullest potential in New York by the 60s. A visual art movement characterized by themes and techniques drawn from popular culture, Pop Art uses muses such as advertising and comic books to react to the abstract art of the times.

The Delicious Art Limited Edition collection consists of a 50ml EDP at RM215. The fragrance will be available at all authorized DKNY Fragrance counters nationwide in end July. In addition, both the fragrance and the Be Delicious Art comic strip can be found on www.dknyfragrances.com.
See what happens in this city of endless possibilities!

Founded in 1989, DKNY was created by Donna Karan to be the streetside of her luxe Collection. At DKNY, the clothes are friendly, the fashion fast, and the attitude sharp. The mouth-watering Be Delicious scent series for Men and Women includes Red Delicious and Night Delicious. All Delicious fragrances are like the city and brand that inspired them -- ripe for love, life and adventure.

Promosi Secret Masculine Wash

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