Thursday, August 06, 2009

Men's Grooming Tips

  • Keep your fingernails trimmed and clean. Same for toenails.

  • Trim your nose hairs occasionally. What you're used to, others may notice.

  • If you don't iron your clothes, remove them immediately from the dryer so wrinkles don't set.

  • In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and "sweat stains" will be less visible.

  • Consider trimming your arm pit hairs in warm weather. Less hairs, less bacteria, less smell. Think about it.

  • Don't be reluctant to trim or tweeze any stray eyebrow hairs.

  • Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.

  • Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Your tongue attracts bacteria and can cause bad breath.

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